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Help and Recovering Association for the Leprous
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Helpless children motivated an action headed by the members of an association called AARH (Associação de Auxílio e Recuperação dos Hanasenianos) and its benefactors, which in May 1986 opened Grandma Túlia’s house, on Visconde de Taunay St, Amambaí district, near the city center.








The House shelters children from 0 to 5 years old, abandoned by their families or who were temporarily apart from their parents authorities, while awaiting judicial decision for their future, returning home or having an adopted family. During their stay, the children have all the support they need, including health care or guided orientation.









The children’s welcome is made through legal documents announced by Judiciary. Away from their houses and parents, at Grandma Túlia’s House they have lodging, food and clothing, not to mention spiritual and material help for their social-psychological development. The aim is to reintegrate them into their own family if possible or let them being adopted respecting the laws ruling in the country.

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