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Lino Villachá: poet of hope

Lino Villachá became a symbol of resistance and courage among more than five thousand leprous who had been at São Julião. At the age of twelve he saw the bacillus of leprosy reach his family and together with his parents and three of his five siblings started to live in the confinement of the colony. There he grew up and promoted the integration among the interns by organizing sporting competitions and artistic events, standing out in his work as a teacher,  a school director and an assistant at the hospital administration.

His enchant was in the lucidity and creativity of his poems, chronicles and reports where he wrote about the routine of São Julião, while his body suffered the consequences of the illness attacks. He had his legs amputated and his movements limited alongside of forty years of living with leprosy. His atrophied hands did not hinder the act of writing with almost legible strokes, revealing his great sensibility.

When he died in July 1994, Lino Villachá
left a legate of his inner
fortitude expressed in poems as:


“I’d like that few of my human rags which were left, rested under a tree of São Julião, very close to its roots, so that I receive from them the thrill of felicity of the leaves to the wind and the smell of dawning ….”

* 15/8/1938 + 9/7/1994

You who granted our brother and friend Lino Villachá, the gift of hope through an intense suffering and the gift of communicating his faith with humbleness, glorifying, through gestures and words, Jesus' name, listen to my prayer which self-confident I make through his intercession. Grant me the clemency (make the wish) which will also give me the peace and calmness to constantly glorify You.

(with ecclesiastic approval)
We kindly ask anyone who is blessed through his intercession to make contact at:
Causa Lino Villachá, Caixa Postal 341,
Rua Lino Villachá, 1250 – Bairro São Julião Cep 79017-200-Campo Grande-Mato Grosso do Sul –Brasil
The tide of life
Brought this invisible monster
That follows me,
Night and day,
Reducing myself to this human shred.
When I wanted to deviate it,
It crashed my hands,
When I wanted to run,
It mowed my legs….
It harassed my ways,
But I always found
A breach where I could pass
With what remains with me
And, even though I am
In this sea of suffering
Only a shell at the bottom,
I’ll make this pain
A pearl to the world.
I don’t want to scream,
I won’t curse
Who humiliated me,
Or felt sorry for me.
My friends
Are my strength.
And the light of God covers me
with grace
And enriches me of love and faith,
That’s why I feel complete,
Even missing everything…


Literary legacy and life testimony

The handiwork "LINO PARA SEMPRE" incorporate expressive pieces of chronicles and poems printed in his five books from 1976 to 1995.

The collection reveal the affecting way of life of Lino Villachá through messages enriched with a diversity of themes based on his life testimony which provide the reader enchantment and emotion.

Published on April 2010, at the end of Medical-Scientific Congress OMNIA, this issue is a tribute to his sensitivity, considered essence in Saints in our present days.

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