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Jurandir Santana Nogueira (1940-2001) believed that an architect must have the commitment with social issues and so he did. At Amambaí District, the installations of the Centre of Assistance for the Migrant (Cedami) and Grandma Túlia’s House are projects of his authorship executed for the Association of Assistance and Recuperation of Leprous.

Jurandir Nogueira:
architect of the reconstruction

In the set of buildings at São Julião, some of them stand out due to their beauty and plasticity. In modern and contemporary style, the works of a local native called Jurandir Nogueira, a notorious architect, became the landmark of the institution.

The Chapel was his first project made for the institution. It was built in ceramic tile with colorful stained-glass windows, which reminds us a cozy tent. A campanile and scenes of the Stations of the Cross around the small church are important details of the temple that received the visit of Pope João Paulo II, in 1991.

The Surgical Center Francesco Caniato has an area of 1.500 m² built in modern and daring lines with quarters attending the most modern concepts of hospital installations.

The State School Priest Franco Delpiano was conceived as a large and pleasant space, especially for learning in its classrooms, due to a central corridor covered by colorful pastilles.

The Conventions Center Günter Hans summarizes in its daring lines and its details of execution the beauty of modern architecture, in harmony with the vegetation and the gardens that surround the place.

In all projects designed for São Julião Hospital, the architect Jurandir Nogueira left a remarkable
stile on his traces and a commitment with social issues.


Conventions Center


Surgical Center

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