Campo Grande - MS, BRASIL.
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Grandma Túlia’s House
Help and Recovering Association for the Leprous


At the end of 1970, a fast migration to Campo Grande mobilized an association called “Associação de Auxílio e Recuperação dos Hansenianos (AARH), in order to open an inn for the poor ones, who came from different regions in the country and that were just passing by the city. 







The starting point for this Project was to feed migrants that wandered through the streets and at night gathered in the city center, on the corner of Afonso Pena Avenue, to get a plate of food.









In 1984 a support center for the migrant was created (CEDAMI – Centro de Apoio ao Migrante), at Visconde de Taunay St, 96. Since then, it became a temporary shelter for the migrants and their families, while they searched for help on basic survival.








CEDAMI offers lodging, food, a friendly word and support to all of the ones who gave up hope, giving them spiritual and material comfort which give them back new perspectives of a new life. The migrants are also helped in taking their documents and transport, ambulatory services and even job orientation and housing.

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